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Need To Know News In The Ozarks

When I started over a year ago with KTTS News, I knew the storied history behind the program. Growing up in the Ozarks I remember listening for the ‘tornado tones’ whenever it was stormy out or seeing the ‘Go Patrol’ at a bad car crash and telling my mom “Quick, turn to KTTS”.

My first twelve months taught me we don’t do what we do to see ourselves look good or important, we don’t even do it to win awards. KTTS News delivers relevant information to our community to save them time, relay need to know news, and give accurate updates during life-threatening situation.

With that being said, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of a team that won a station best five regional Murrows for 2013. The official release from our parent company, Journal Broadcast Group, can be read here.

Taking Home The Awards

Our best newscast led with my live report from the Victim’s Memorial Garden after covering a candlelight ceremony honoring the anniversary of Springfield’s ‘Three Missing Women’. It was an emotional assignment as a recent Kickapoo graduate, since this was the case involving the girls that went missing after Kickapoo’s graduation.

We also received best breaking news for coverage of a tornado warning in Greene county that prompted Wall-to-Wall coverage on all four of our Journal stations. I was in a Mobile Unit that night chasing the storms north of Springfield in the Willard area. I’ll never forget the calls and text from my mom (who hates storms) telling me to “turn that car around right now”.

My job may not always be typical, in fact, I’m pretty sure it never is. I work overnights, holidays, and any other time sane people tend to be relaxing. But I take pride in knowing the work I do has a real impact in providing information that people in the Ozarks need to know. Thank you for allowing me into your homes, on your computer screens, and in your cars.

Click here to listen to our winning entries