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It's official, Snider is running for VP of Communication of Drury SGA


You read correctly. I am officially throwing my hat in the ring for VP of Communication for Drury SGA. I have valued my time as a Student Government Association Senator. I am ready to take on more responsibility in advocating the ideas, concerns, and activities of the Drury student body. A brief Q & A from my application is below and I will be sharing more soon. Thanks for your support! Tweet using #ChaseForDrury

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Please give any past or current school/work duties that may be of relevance to the position that you are seeking in SGA:

My background, both in college curriculum and work experiences, has centered around how to better connect audiences with a message. From being the youngest reporter/anchor for an area news station to becoming a full-time Digital Content Producer for a major media company, I have demonstrated that I am passionate about, not only getting the message right, but delivering it in innovative and engaging ways. My work-experience and Communications minor will help me in successfully achieving those goals for SGA.

What other time commitments do you have (work, student organizations, etc.) and how do you plan to balance your schedule should you get elected?

Outside of SGA, I am also a member of the Drury Solar Decathlon Team and I plan on becoming involved with AD/PR Team. I am also a full-time Digital Content Producer for Journal Communications and own a small business, Chaser Media. Although staying involved in many different activities, I view these as a benefit rather than an obstacle. They have also forced me to develop strong time-management skills, as well as provided me with an array of experiences and connections to better serve the Drury community through SGA.

What would be your goals for the upcoming term?

My goals for the upcoming semester would be to engage more students and members of the Drury community in SGA. Student Government Association is a group of your peers that make important decisions on your behalf, based on your input. I believe the more open communication and transparency we can have as a body, the better experience we can create for Drury students. I think this includes not only being an advocate for communicating the internal activities of SGA but also being a resource for other activities around campus.

Why is it important to you to represent the ideas and concerns of the student body?

As I said, SGA is a group of peers that make decisions and suggestions which have tangible effects on the student body. I want to be an advocate for my fellow students and make their time at Drury the most beneficial and enjoyable experience as possible. Understanding and representing other students' ideas and concerns is the first steps to achieving that goal.