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Bed Time Prayers: Four Corners To My Bed, Four Angles Over My Head


Four corners to my bed, four angles over my's something I used to say every night before bed. I realized recently that I hadn't said that prayer in months, maybe even in a year. It made me stop and think, when did it stop? I remember sitting on the edge of my bunk bed with my mom praying for each one of our relatives and the struggles going on in their lives...and yes even my stuffed dog Fetch.

I asked my roommate for his thoughts and he said that he used to say "bed time prayers" to but it started to fade away in high school. We both agreed it started slowly, you might get home late from a basketball game and forget to say them that night and then remember the next. Then a night every now and turned into a lot of nights and all of a sudden it sorta faded out of your life.

God shouldn't ever fade out of our lives. Despite the struggles I've faced after my car crash I remain so grateful for everything I have. The crash has reminded me of the amazing family and friends I have to support me (and boy have they had to support me the last few months!). So in 2013 my goal is to rekindle my night relationship with God and put four angles back over my bed.

If you are looking for a night-time prayer this is one of my favorites:

There are four corners to my bed, four angels over my head. One to watch, one to pray, and two to bear my sins away.