Every day, across the world, we take millions of photos. The evolution of technology has allowed people from all walks of life to capture the world around them, through their own lens. However most of those will never get past the memory cards, cell phones, and hard drives they are trapped on. Photography has become such a routine part of our lives that many times we fail to appreciate it, aside from the drunk photos that we tweet, Instagram, and Facebook every weekend of course.

For 2013 I commit myself to trying to change that. Everyday I will post an image from the depths of my archives that I have taken. From Cardinals baseball, to breaking news, to life as a high school students, I've shot a lot of it.

I am a young photographer and do not post these photos as display of excellence  Rather I hope to remind people, including myself, that a photo's value is unlocked when it is shared.

Your comments on the photos is not only encouraged, but greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for following my project. I'll be posting the photos on a gallery here on ChaseSnider.com. The links to them will be on my Facebook and Twitter (@chasesnider) accounts, as well as some images from time to time.

Click here to check out my first photo of the project!

Happy 2013!